Here are some reviews from our happy clients

Maison Montruf

“Rupert and Franck’s advice was exactly what we needed to get on the right track. We’d been solely focused on our property and hadn’t given enough thought to the business side of things. They gave us new insights and ideas, a wealth of information and examples from their own experience of running successful gîtes. We truly believe they saved us months of research and effort, and they showed us how to avoid costly mistakes. They answered many outstanding questions and have put our minds at ease that we will have a successful business.

“We really enjoyed our sessions and appreciate having Rupert and Franck on speed dial. If you’re starting up a gîte or need to fine-tune an existing one, we thoroughly recommend you use them.”

Domaine de la Banne

“Had our final business MOT session yesterday with the lovely guys Great advice and insights helping us to take our business to the next level. Fun to work with and generous sharing of their knowledge and experience.

A sound investment and would highly recommend for anyone who is serious about building their gite business not only during these tough times but for future success too. Thanks guys!”

Maison Palissy

“We stayed at Le Mazet before moving into our new property in Biron, and were impressed by Rupert and Franck’s gîte and how they run their business. 

I previously ran a Sawday’s B&B, but am now opening a gîte in our new house. Rupert and Franck have advised me on the differences between a B&B and gîte business and proposed a marketing plan. It has certainly helped saved us a lot of time and head-scratching!”

Villa CoraZazen

“Un grand merci!” 
“It was great to be able to spar with someone who, thanks to his own 5 years of experience and trial and error, knows the “do’s and dont’s” and our business through and through. You cleared questions up in minutes, which had been on my mind for months. Your advice regarding the different booking sites has already saved me so much time and it was enlightening to get your assessment of our website.

Your structured mind and schedules (love them!) gave me peace of mind and a concrete way of improving my business. I can see the wood for the trees again and am excited with everything you have given me.

It’s nice to know that somewhere between home and home (Flanders and Andalusia), in the deep heart of the French Dordogne, there is a kind, warm man on the end of the phone who can perfectly imagine what I’m doing, what I’m struggling with, and what I want to achieve.”