The business side of things

Registration and classification

There are different options for the type of business you register yourself as, which will affect your activities and taxes. It’s a labyrinth of choices which we can guide you through.

Classifying your gîte is crucial, principally from a fiscal point of view. It might also help with your marketing and relationship with your local Office de Tourisme. We’ll discuss how to do it and how to reap the benefits.


We pay 9 taxes with our gîte business, many of them have ceilings, conditions, exemptions or reductions. We will discuss all in turn, and what choices you can make to keep your tax bill as low as possible.

Hiring an accountant is invaluable to ensure you submit the correct information to the authorities.

Legal requirements and insurance

We can inform you about the legal requirements of running a gîte, for example the number of guests you’re allowed, not having a dark pool liner, how often to get your chimneys swept, when you can offer alcohol, the rules about fire extinguishers.

Business insurance is also of great importance, we can discuss what cover you should take out.

Terms, conditions, rates and cancellation

How do you set your rental rates, minimum nights and what is your cancellation policy, especially since COVID-19?

What are the other terms and conditions you set, such as payment deadlines and methods, arrival and departure times, etc. We can discuss the pros and cons of each with you.